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Festschrift to Professor Lauren F. Pfister

A Life between East and West: Dedication to Professor Lauren F. Pfister / William Yau-nang Ng

Consequential Transatlantic Networks Shaped the Polyglot Nature of the Protestant Missionary Enterprise in China / R. G. Tiedemann

Richard Wilhelm and His Critics: A New Evaluation / Wolfgang Kubin

The Chinese Mission without Jesuits: The Suppression and Restoration of the Society of Jesus in China / Nicolas Standaert

東方宗教研究的開創者─詹姆士・理雅各與麥克斯・繆勒 The Founder of Eastern Religious Studies: James Legge and F. Max Muller / Sun Yiping 孫亦平

Ernst Faber’s (1839–1899) Theories of Human Nature / Gad C. Isay

佛教與基督教論罪惡─評論阿部正雄的比較研究 Buddhism and Christianity on Evil: Critical Evaluation of Masao Abe’s Comparative Studies / Kwan Kai-man 關啟文

淨土祖庭文化及人間淨土觀的實踐 The Culture of Ancestral Temple of Chinese Pure Land Buddhism and The Practice of Humanistic Pure Land / William Yau-nang Ng 吳有能

Free to Obey: Gao Panlong and Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Selflessness, Fate, and Freedom / Sophia Katz

Other Article

The Life of Reverend Wong Fook-ping (Huang Fuping 黃福平, 1892–1966): A Testimony of Faith in God and Love for Country / Terese Wong

Book Review

Ambrose Mong. Guns and Gospel: Imperialism and Evangelism in China / Joseph Tse-hei Lee


Editorial / Francis Ching-wah Yip

Chinese Christianities Seminar, American Academy of Religion

Union Theological Seminary’s Dense Social Network in Twentieth-Century Chinese Christianity / Christopher D. Sneller

Ecclesiology from Below: Urbanizing Catholicism in an Urbanizing China / Stephanie M. Wong

Moral Minority: The Changing Face of Christian Politics in Post-Sunflower Movement Taiwan / Chiou Mu-tien

Historiography and Community Identity: Hong Kong Christians and the Recording of the 2014 Pro-Democracy Movement / Kang Di

A Tale of Three Bishops: Mapping the Ideologies of “Chineseness” and “Asian Values” in the Global Anglican Realignment in Vancouver / Justin K. H. Tse

Other Articles

巨人愛恨─王明道所認識的倪柝聲 Watchman Nee in the Eyes of Wang Mingdao / Ying Fuk-tsang 邢福增

中西合作的典範─香港宣道會本土化過程研究 A Partnership Model: Analysis on the Indigenization Process of Hong Kong Christian and Missionary Alliance / Ellis Ming-cheung Ho 何明章

Review and Response

Karl Barth and Christian Theology of Religions: An Asian Response to Ensminger / Paul S. Chung

Brent Fulton. China’s Urban Christians: A Light that Cannot be Hidden / Mary Li Ma

Rejoinder: Book Review by Dr. Anna Qing Wu / Moira M. W. Chan-Yeung


Reading the Psalms of 1 Chronicles 16:8–36 Cross-textually and Inter-textually / Archie Chi Chung Lee

A Textual Analysis of Chinese Characters with Their Variants in Two Dunhuang Jingjiao Manuscripts / Wang Lanping

Albert Poulet-Mathis, SJ: Pioneering in Religious Dialogue / Batairwa Kubuya Paulin

美國宣道會傳教士視野下的甘藏邊界 The Kansu-Tibetan Border in the Eyes of American Christian and Missionary Alliance Missionaries / Li Wenwen 李穩穩

「信仰成長」的敘事─中國福建省基督徒中學生的個案研究 The Narratives of “Faith Development”: A Case Study on the Christian Students from the Middle Schools of Fujian Province, China / Wang Zhixi 王志希

融合與創新─看丹楠「五行色」觀念背後的繪畫理念 Integration and Innovation: On Dan Nan’s Painting Philosophy behind the Concept of the Five-Element Color System / Ji Jingyi 紀京一 (彩圖版)

Book Reviews and Review Essays

Philip L. Wickeri, ed. Christian Encounters with Chinese Culture: Essays on Anglican and Episcopal History in China / Joseph Tse-hei Lee

Moira M. W. Chan-Yeung. The Practical Prophet: Bishop Ronald O. Hall of Hong Kong and His Legacies / Anna Qing Wu

Tang Kaijian. Setting Off from Macao: Essays on Jesuit History during the Ming and Qing Dynasties / Thierry Meynard

文化─心理視角下的十七世紀中西文化交流《歐洲遇見中國,中國遇見歐洲》書評 Cultural Exchange between China and the West in the 17th Century from the Cultural-Psychological Perspective: A Review on Europe Meets China, China Meets Europe / Xiao Qinghe 肖清和

新教中國專案和馬禮遜的功績重探 Protestant Plan for China and Robert Morrison’s Achievement Reconsidered: A Review on Christopher A. Daily, Robert Morrison and the Protestant Plan for China / Yao Dadui 姚達兌



Editorial / LAI Pan-chiu

Distinguishing Spiritual Revolution from Military Revolution: Meditations on the Impact of Chinese Literature by Protestant Missionary-Scholars in Late Traditional China / Lauren F. PFISTER

How Korean Christians and Korean Missionaries Understood the Boxer Uprising / LEE Hyewon Helen

城市基督教的合法性建構──以北京教會為例 Constructing the Legitimacy of Urban Christianity in Contemporary China: Case Study of Beijing Church / YUAN Hao 袁浩

「實現一個純全中國本色化和合而為一的教會」──誠靜怡與中華基督教會 Cheng Jingyi and the Church of Christ in China / Marina Xiaojing WANG 王曉靜

戰後香港中華基督教會歷史初探(1945–1956)The Postwar History of the Church of Christ in China in Hong Kong (1945–1956) / CHAN Chi-hang 陳智衡

本土神學的探索和思考──中華基督教會的神學尋索 Searching for and Reflecting on Local Theology: Theological Pursuit of the Church of Christ in China / Jason T. S. LAM 林子淳

Confucian Canopy and Social Construction / Paul S. CHUNG

Power, Print, and Martyrdom: C. C. Crisler and the Development of Seventh-Day Adventist Missions in China, 1916–1936 / Michael W. CAMPBELL

Review and Response

陳智衡。《合一非一律─中華基督教會歷史》Chan Chi-hang. Unity without Uniformity: History of Church of Christ in China / Marina Xiaojing WANG 王曉靜

Rejoinder: Church, Ethical Responsibility, and World Economy / Paul S. CHUNG



Special Issue for Christianity in Asia:
Past, Present and Future

Introduction to the Special Issue / LAI Pan-chiu

The Role of Contemporary Translation Theory in Chinese Bible Translation / CHONG Yau-yuk

Reconsidering the Christian Understanding of Universal Salvation in Mahayana Buddhist Perspective / LAI Pan-chiu

Theology of Creativity: Neo-Confucian and (Neo-) Christian(?) / HUANG Yong

Revolution and Religious Reform: The Indigenous Church Movement in Republican China / Cole CARNESECCA

The Policy on Religion and Protestant Christianity in Modern Korea, 1945–2010: History and Prospect / PAEK Chong-ku (PAIK Jong-koe)

Christian Witness in the Marketplace in Hong Kong / LEE Kam-hon, Dennis P. McCANN and MaryAnn Ching YUEN

Wealth Creation in China from a Christian Perspective / Georges ENDERLE

Centesimus Annus and China’s Market Economy: A Contextual Commentary / GAO Zhe

Revisiting the Foundations of Bioethics: Prospects of a Sino-Christian Discourse / Gerhold K. BECKER

Book Review

Paul S. Chung. Church and Ethical Responsibility in the Midst of World Economy: Greed, Dominion, and Justice / Kin Yip LOUIE

Engaging Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Comparative Ethical Study: Political Minjung and Confucian Ethics of Rectification / Paul S. CHUNG
The Dialogic Dimension of Catholic Engagement in Taiwan / BATAIRWA Kubuya Paulin

Special Contributions
T. C. Chao Re-visited: Questions about His Later Years / Winfried M. GLÜER
Creation Renewed: Heaven-Earth-Humanity. A Journey in Wesleyan-Orthodox-Confucian Theological Interculturation / Peter K. H. LEE

Book Reviews
David A. Palmer, Glenn Shive, and Philip L. Wickeri, eds. Chinese Religious Life / Neky Tak-ching CHEUNG
Richard C. Cook and David W. Pao, eds. After Imperialism: Christian Identity in China and the Global Evangelical Movement / Alexander CHOW
Edmund Kee-fook Chia. Edward Schillebeeckx and Interreligious Dialogue: Perspectives from Asian Theology / Ambrose Ih-ren MONG
Vincent Goossaert and David A. Palmer. The Religious Question in Modern China / LIU Yi

Source, Survival and Supremacy: Rethinking the Reception of the Chinese Union Version of the Bible in Chinese Protestant Communities / CHONG Yau-yuk
Waves of Influence across the South Seas: Mutual Support between Protestants in Minnan and Southeast Asia / Chris WHITE
Christian-Confucian Dialogue in Construction of Cultural Reality: Global-Critical, Intercivilizational, and Postcolonial / Paul S. CHUNG
How Does Public Theology Engage in Public Debate? Some Implications for Public Theology in the Emerging Sino-Christian Context / Timothy Lee-Yii LAU

Book Reviews
Expanding Process: Exploring Philosophical and Theological Transformations in China and the West / Peter K. H. LEE
The Cave and the Butterfly: An Intercultural Theory of Interpretation and Religion in the Public Sphere / XIE Zhibin

Conference Report
The International Symposium on Justice from Multi-Religious Perspectives Held at Shandong University / DONG Xiuyuan & PAN Donglei

Special Issue for Buddhist-Christian Encounter and Dialogue among Civilizations
Introduction to the Special Issue / LAI Pan-chiu
An Early World-Wide Web Religions of Eurasia / Alan HUNTER
Lotus and Swastika in Assyrian Church in China: Buddhist Legacy or Aryan Heritage? / CHAN Kim-kwong
Buddhist-Christian Encounter in the Age of Science: A Case Study of Modern Chinese Buddhism / LAI Pan-chiu & WANG Tao
The “Humanization” of Buddhism: Aspects of Western Adaptations of Buddhism / Notto R. THELLE
Toward a Buddhist-Christian Theology of Creation: An Exercise in Inter-religious Theology / Perry SCHMIDT-LEUKEL

Other Articles
Welcoming the Exposure of the Counter Revolutionary. . . A Chinese Theologian Coming to Terms with the Past / Monika GAENSSBAUER
Caught in the Middle: Issues of Interculturality in Early Missionary Encounters. The Case of the Basel Mission with Particular Regard to Theodor Hamberg / Tobias BRANDNER
In Search of the Third Space: Theological Anthropology in Eastern Orthodoxy and Sino-Christian Theology / Alexander CHOW

Review Essays
What is so “Irregular” About it? / David Kwang-sun SUH
A New Approach to Ecological Theology in the Frame of Confucian-Christian Dialogue: On Confucian-Christian Dialogue and Ecological Concern / SUN Xiangchen

Book Review
Louis Ha and Patrick Taveirne, ed. History of Catholic Religious Orders and Missionary Congregations in Hong Kong. Volume One: Historical Materials. Volume Two: Research Papers / Jean-Paul WIEST

The Orientation of the Taiwanese Catholic Church during Chiang Kai-shek’s Government: Sinicization in the Pursuit of Identity / CHEN Tsung-ming
Xie Fuya as a Contributor to Religious Studies in China in the First Half of the Twentieth Century / Christian MEYER
Going Beyond a Dialogue with Jürgen Moltmann regarding His Understanding on Daodejing / Megumi YOSHIDA
Pre-Confucian Chinese Beliefs as Reflected by the Religious Symbols in the Book of Poetry / HO Shun-yee
Karl Barth, Israel, and Religious Pluralism / Paul S. CHUNG

Field Reports
Editors’ Note
Functions of Protestant Churches in Promoting Social Harmony in Socialist China: A Preliminary Study Based on Interviews with Parishioners and Pastors in Shanghai / ZHANG Zhan, HUANG Wei, CHEN Guo, WU Fuyou, CAI Yilun, MAO Yan, LU Liang, and LIU Jingjing
Contributing to the Construction of Social Morality and Harmonious Society: A Study of the Protestant Churches in Shanghai / LENG Xin, XIE Hua, XIA Hui, ZHOU Yong, and LI Jianfeng

Special Issue for the Bicentennial of Robert Morrison’s Arrival in China
Editors’ Introduction / LAI Pan-chiu & YING Fuk-tsang
The Right Reverend Dr. George Smith, Anglican Bishop of Victoria (1849–1865): His Advice to the Church Missionary Society and His Missionary Travels on the Chinese Mainland / Gillian BICKLEY
Robert Morrison and the Old Protestant Cemetery in Macao / Louis HA
A Parting Memorial: Morrison and Missionary Motivation: His Sabbatical Sermons, 1823–1826 / Christopher D. HANCOCK
Christian Mission and Higher Education: A Case for the Study of World Christianity Today / Peter Tze Ming NG
In the Eye of a Tornado: Lessons to Be Learned from Critiques of Christian Missionaries / Lauren F. PFISTER
Preaching the Social Gospel: Protestants and Economic Modernization in Republican China, 1927–1931 / Thomas H. REILLY
The Importance of Shandong: A Missiological Evaluation of a Place / Scott W. SUNQUIST
Protestant “Missionary Cases” (jiao’an) in Shandong Province, 1860–1900 / R. G. TIEDEMANN
The Chinese Nation-state, Missionary Medicine and Chinese Women / M. Cristina ZACCARINI
* * *
Dealing the Culture Card against Episcopal Women’s Ministry in Asia / Elizabeth KOEPPING

Special Issue on the Kingdom of God, the Pure Land and the Human World
Introduction / Special Issue Editors     LAI Pan-chiu & XUE Yu

Part I          Buddhist Interpretations of the Pure Land
Eschatological Faith in the Coming Kingdom, East and West: Mao Tzu-yüan and the Four Pure Lands / Whalen LAI
Shin Buddhism and Axial Civilization / Galen AMSTUTZ
Establishing a Pure Land in This World: Xingyun’s Model / JUE Ji

Part II        Christian Interpretations of the Kingdom of God
The Entrance and Inheritance of the Kingdom of God in the Christian Religion / Eric K. C. WONG
The “Kingdom of Heaven” in China: Exploring the Taiping Millennial Vision / P. Richard BOHR

Part III       Comparative Studies
Understanding Suffering from Buddhist and Christian Perspectives / XUE Yu
God’s Vow: A Pure Land Perspective on the Cross of Christ / Notto R. THELLE
Birth into the Pure Land and Resurrection of the Body: A Comparative Study between Pure Land Buddhism and Christianity / Martin REPP

Part IV       Dialogues in Relation to Contemporary Society
The Kingdom of God and the Pure Land: A Dialogical Study of Eschatology and Praxis / LAI Pan-chiu
The Pure Land, the Kingdom of God and the Critique and Transformation of This World / Andres S. K. TANG
God’s Reign and the Pure Land in Interfaith and Scientific Discourse on Imago Dei and Buddha Nature / Paul S. CHUNG

A Christian Monastery for Buddhist Monks, Part II: Buddhist Rhetoric in Karl Ludvig Reichelt’s Christian Liturgies / Notto R. THELLE
Literacy, Canon and Social Reality: Socio-cultural Dimension of the Reception of the Bible among Ethnic Groups in Southwest China / YOU Bin
Alfred North Whitehead and Yi Yulgok on Cosmology: A Preliminary Comparison with Special Reference to Confucian–Christian Dialogue / Chung Soon LEE

Typology and Prospect of Sino-Christian Theology / LAI Pan-chiu

Book Review
Harold V. Bennett, Injustice Made Legal: Deuteronomic Law and the Plight of Widows, Strangers, and Orphans in Ancient Israel / Joseph Tse-hei LEE

A Christian Monastery for Buddhist Monks, Part I: Karl Ludvig Reichelt’s Sacred Mountains / Notto R. THELLE
System of Harmony According to Confucius and Paul: Music, Goodness, Beauty / YEO Khiok-Khng
Transcending Differences between Christianity and Buddhism with Love: The Life and Literary Works of Xu Dishan / CHAN Wai-keung
Reinterpreting Christianity Buddhistically: Xu Songshi’s Indigenous Theology / HO Hing-cheong
Reflections on the History of Buddhist–Christian Encounter in Modern China / LAI Pan-chiu

Transcultural Imaging: The Jesuits and China / Erik ZÜRCHER
Musical Harmony According to Confucius and Paul / YEO Khiok-khng
Pride’s Place in Picturing Persons / Lee H. YEARLEY
The Doctrines of the Trinity and Christology and Hua-yen Buddhism / LAI Pan-chiu
The First Protestant Convert of China, Tsae A-ko (1788–1818) / SU Ching

Special Issue: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, Part II

The Sacred and the Ordinary: Spiritual Maturity According to the Teaching of Teresa of Avila and the Ox-Herding Pictures / Ekman P. C. TAM
Onto-Dynamics of the Triunity and Its Contribution to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue / LAI Shen-chon
The Dialogic Encounter between Christian and Buddhist Thought in Late Ming and Early Qing China / Andrew K. CHUNG
A Case Study of Interreligious Relations in Contemporary China: Buddhist-Christian Interaction in Four Southeast Cities / LI Xiangping
The Role of Hong Kong in the Buddhist-Christian Encounter in China: A Post-Conference Reflection / LAI Pan-chiu

Book Review
A Translated Adoption of Translation and Adoption (Review of D. Yeung and P. Rabbe, eds., Fanyi yu xi’na) / Jason T. S. LAM

Special Issue: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, Part I
Introduction to the Special Issue of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue / LAI Pan-chiu

Ultimate Reality: A Comparative Study of Kitarō Nishida’s Concept of Nothingness and Paul Tillich’s Concept of God / AU Kin Ming
“The Conversion of the Missionary”: Changes in Buddhist-Christian Relations in Early Twentieth-Century China / Notto R. THELLE
Buddhist-Christian Encounter in Modern China: Taixu’s Perspective on Christianity / XUE Yu
The Modern Chan Society and the China Lutheran Seminary in Conversation: A Case Study of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Contemporary Taiwan / HE Jianming

Conference Report
Building Bridges for Communication and Understanding: Remarks on the International Conference on the Boxer Movement and Christianity in China / Peter T. M. NG

Cross-textual Reading Strategy: A Study of Late Ming and Early Qing Chinese Christian Writings / Archie C. C. LEE
Merit Transfer and Life after Death in Buddhism / XUE Yu
Zhang Chunyi’s Chinese Buddhist-Christian Pneumatology / LAI Pan-chiu & SO Yuen-tai
Status Enhancement of Catholic Women in a Chinese Village / KONG Kit-fan

Edmund Ryden, Just War and Pacifism: Chinese and Christian Perspectives in Dialogue / KUNG Lap Yan
Buddhist-Christian Encounter in Modern China (ed. Lai Pan-chiu) / XUE Yu

Ancestor Worship and Cardinal Yu Bin / Umberto BRESCIANI
Identity Crisis Reflected in Romans 14:1-15:13 and the Implications for the Chinese Christians' Controversy on Ancestral Worship / LO Lung-kwong
A Korean Theological Anthropology of Filial Piety / Jung Sun OH
The Transformation and Development of Church-State Relations in Contemporary China: A Case Study of the Catholic Church / CHAN Shun-hing & LAM Sui-ki, Anthony
"Woman's Work for Woman": An Argument against the Amalgamation of Hwa Nan Women's College / ZHU Feng
Is There Forgiveness in the Ghost World? Daoist and Christian Views on the Moral Order / Ronnie LITTLEJOHN and Erin M. CLINE
The Worship of Local Gods and Traditional Chinese Society / TAM Wai-lun
Soteriological Centrality in the Christian Faith and Engaged Buddhism / Jiwhang LEW

The Power of Buddha: The Ideological and Institutional Role of Buddhism in the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) / Sem VERMEERSCH

Special Issue: Christian and Confucian Dialogue on Life & Ethics

Guest Editor's Introduction / LAI Pan-chiu
On the Confucian Resources of the Study of Environment Ethics / CHENG Chung-yi
A Study of Confucian Ecology and Its Modern Values / GE Rongjin
Between Anthropocentrism and Ecocentrism: Eco-theology and Confucian-Christian Dialogue / LAI Pan-chiu
On Wang Chuen-Shan's and Jürgen Moltmann's Understandings of the Nature with Reference to System Theory / Andres S. K. TANG
A Comparative Study of the Views on Sustainable Development in Confucianism and Christianity / HO Kin-chung
AgapeRen, and Altruistic Suicide / LO Ping-cheung
The Father-Son Relation in Traditional Chinese Thought / ZHENG Jiadong
In an Age of Violence, What's the Use of Talking about "Peace under Heaven" and the "Gospel of Peace"? / Peter K. H. LEE
Revelations and Prophets: The Comparison of Judaism and Confucianism / FU Youde
The Social Implication of the "Eyes of God" - A Comparison between Saint Augustine and Confucius on Sincerity and Social Life / Michele FERRERO

Book Review
Scott W. Sunquist: A Dictionary of Asian Christianity / YEUNG Kwok-keung

Buddhist-Christian Encounter in Modern China: A Case Study of Ren Jian Jue Banyuekan / HE Jianming
Influence of Chinese Buddhism on the Indigenization of Christianity in Modern China / LAI Pan-chiu
Love and Ren: A Comparative Study of the Religio-Ethical Principle of Paul Tillich and Zhu Zi / AU Kin-ming
Multiculturalism and Global Theology of Religions: A Challenge for the Twenty-First Century / CHAN Shun-hing
A Critical Study on the Early Mission Policies of the Council of Missions in Korea in the light of the Nevius Plan / KANG Keun Whan

Conversion or Protection? Collective Violence and Christian Movements in Late-Nineteenth-Century Chaozhou, South China / Joseph Tse-hei LEE

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