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Anyone who is interested in Chinese Christianity or Chinese religions and culture is invited to become a Friend of CSCCRC. Friends of CSCCRC can keep themselves in touch with our news and forthcoming activities and may enjoy the following privileges:

  1. Getting one Chinese book and one English book for free upon enrolment, and getting another book for free upon renewal of membership† (please refer to the latest application form for available titles).
  2. Getting newest issues of Ching Feng and our newsletters.
  3. Enjoying 30% discount for all publications of CSCCRC and the Divinity School of Chung Chi College.
  4. Enjoying 30% discount for enrolling in any programs/courses CSCCRC offers.
  5. Subscribing to the mainland Christian magazine Tian Feng as well as Inter-religio through us (subscribers of Tian Feng are charged for handling, subscription and mailing fees).
  6. Enjoying any benefits CSCCRC may from time to time offer.

Membership fee: HK$100 per year; HK$50 per year for students (including seminary students) or those who have enrolled in any courses under CSCCRC for at least four class meetings or lectures.

† List of books:


  1. Ethical Reorientation for Christianity in China: The Individual, Community, and Society
  2. Taoist Tradition and Change
  3. Double-Edged Sword: Christianity and 20th Century Chinese Fiction
  4. Karl Ludvig Reichelt: Mission, Scholar & Pilgrim
  5. 尋真求全:中國神學與政教處境初探
  6. 承受與持守:中國大地的福音火炬
  7. 開放與委身:田立克的神學與宗教對話
  8. 上帝的人馬── 十九世紀在華傳教士的作為
  9. 廿載滄茫──汪維藩文集(1979-1998)
  10. 經典的轉生──晚清《天路歷程》漢譯研究


  1. 大時代的宗教信仰──吳耀宗與二十世紀中國基督教
  2. 紅旗下的十字架──新中國成立初期中共對基督教、天主教的政策演變及其影響(1949–1955)
  3. 更夫志、赤子心──汪維藩思想與事工之研究  (系列五)


  1. 汪彼得牧師在香港工作之初探 (系列一)
  2. 福利與信仰──香港教會推行「慈惠」之果效研究報告 (系列二)
  3. 一個華南客家教會的研究──從巴色會到香港祟真會 (系列四)
  4. 社會良心抑搞事份子:香港基督教工業委員會歷史之研究 (系列五)
  5. 天國龍城──香港聖公會聖三一堂史(1890-2009) (系列六)


  1. 謝扶雅百齡詩文集

Please feel free to contact us for details.